Chiswick Area Forum

The Chiswick Area Forum usually meets four times a year and brings together all nine councillors in the three Hounslow Chiswick and Gunnersbury wards: Chiswick Gunnersbury ward, Chiswick Homefields ward and Chiswick Riverside ward.  It is a council group where current issues are raised in front of residents with an open forum for residents to raise questions directly with their councillors.  Some meetings were cancelled during the pandemic.  

This year (May 2021 to May 2022) its chairman is Turnham Green ward councillor Joanna Biddolph who is taking advantage of a relaxation in its format to shift the agenda.  It currently has three main sections: Chiswick Community Matters, Chiswick Future and the Open Forum. The Chiswick Community matters section is specifically for Chiswick's voluntary organisations, charities and businesses to tell us (councillors, residents and businesses) what they do, what their challenges are and how the council, and we councillors, can help; there is time for questions, of course. The Chiswick Future section looks at important issues for Chiswick, and includes presentations from specialists followed by questions. The open forum remains the same - a chance for residents and business ratepayers to raise policy concerns and ask questions of councillors.   

Some local organisations and residents attend regularly; others come when the agenda includes subjects they are especially interested in. Please do come along and take part.

Meeting Dates, Agenda and Papers

The dates of meetings are published on the Hounslow council website, usually a year at a time but dates can change so do check here nearer the time. Agendas and papers are published a week in advance on the Hounslow council website.  You’ll reach them from the link above.


This year the chairman of the Chiswick Area Forum is Turnham Green ward councillor Joanna Biddolph.

Chiswick Councillors

  • Chiswick Homefields ward: Cllr Patrick Barr, Cllr Gerald McGregor, Cllr John Todd
  • Chiswick Riverside ward: Cllr Michael Denniss, Cllr Gabriella Giles, Cllr Sam Hearn
  • Turnham Green ward: Cllr Joanna Biddolph, Cllr Ranjit Gill, Cllr Ron Mushiso

Council Officers

  • John Wyman-White
  • Mrs Chaspal Sandhu


18th January 2022

12th October 2021

14th September 2021