Useful contacts

We thought it would be helpful to provide contact information for local events, organisations and sources of local information:

Local events

It’s no surprise that an area with a strong sense of community has several annual events that appeal to all including:

Local organisations

Local police

Each ward has two police constables and one police community support officer.  Ours are PC Kaine Grist, PC Alex Howard and PCSO Cheryl Spilsbury. 

  • Report a crime: Dial 999 if a crime is taking place now; otherwise phone 101 or report it online here and it will be passed on to our local police team
  • Get alerts about local issues of concern: Register on OWL (Online Watch Link) to get updates from our local police teams:
  • Contact the Chiswick Gunnersbury police team (non-urgent issues only, use 999 or 101 for urgent issues):