Report issues

Many issues can be reported by residents. Councillors do not need to be involved unless the request isn’t acted on and you feel you need us to intervene to get it moving and dealt with. We can, of course, report issues on behalf of residents who don’t have access to a computer as we know how frustrating it can be reporting those issues by phone.

Highways issues including bins, flytipping, leaves, lighting, litter, pavements, potholes, street trees

Hounslow Highways is responsible for many services including collecting fly tipping, emptying waste bins, fixing lighting, filling potholes, street sweeping, removing graffiti and fly posting, collecting dead animals from roads, removing abandoned vehicles and clearing overgrowth covering street signs. There is a much longer list, too long to add here, as you can see from the Hounslow Highways website (see the link below).

To report an issue, go to the Hounslow Highways website, click on the Report It tab at top right of the home page and complete the online form. It's fiddly the first time you do it but becomes routine. It helps if you add a photo but this is not compulsory. Actions will be taken according to the contract Hounslow Highways has agreed with Hounslow council - for example, fly tipping should be removed within 24 hours. You will receive an immediate email asking you to confirm your report; if you don't confirm your report the work will not be done. You will then receive an email saying your report has been logged followed by another saying action has been scheduled. The final email says the report has been closed. This often means the work has been done but sometimes it means that it will be done later or is the responsibility of another authority (such as Tfl or a neighbouring borough) of that it can't be done. This closed message can, understandably, be very frustrating as, if the work hasn't been done, it doesn't say why. Councillors have often asked for this to be change but without success so far. If your report appears not to have been done as you'd expected, please get in touch with one of us and we will try to find out what it means. 

The Hounslow Highways website is here:


Please report all incidents of crime to the Met Police from where your report will be passed on to your local ward police team.  Many people say ringing 101 can be frustrating so you might prefer to report it online.